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January 30, 2009

Hey! Say! 7 PV Making Breakdown


Today I watched the making of Hey! Say! 7’s PV for Hey! Say! for the first time (with English subtitles of course) and I really enjoyed it! I wish it could have gone on longer but alas, no. So I’d like to share with you my thoughts on the making!

So here’s part one of the making!!! Yuto and Chinen are the first ones to arrive on the set on a rainy day. Chinen goes first and you can tell that he’s very nervous (which the director mentions). During this part, Yuto is absolutely hilarious and so goofy. He reminds me of a little kid who is just always happy and not wanting to be bored, which is really cute. So while Yuto is doing his part, Takaki and Daiki come onto the set. They do rock, paper scissors to see who goes first and it’s Takaki! While Daiki does his thing, Yamada arrives as the last one. One scene I thought was funny was when Chinen was sitting on Daiki’s lap, Daiki whispered “Yamada is a devil” into Chinen’s ear but said it loud enough so that Yamada could hear (lol Daiki). Once Yamada finishes, Yuto quickly runs and locks him out – which prompts the others to call him a bully (hahaha). They leave and we see Takaki carrying Chinen on his back, which is absolutely adorable. And then Yuto jumps onto Daiki’s back so he can be carried too (see Yuto is kinda like a kid!). Later, Yuto and Takaki set out to reveal the secrets of Daiki. So they enter the room and Chinen is sitting on Daiki’s lap (again, adorable) and Daiki reveals that Takaki calls his mom “Mama.” They then leave to go outside, leaving Takaki alone – who hates to be alone. While Takaki talks to the camera, Yuto is outside the window waving and Chinen is too small to see (OMG, I missed that the first time but then  I caught it. His voice when he says he can’t see is soooo cute). Plus, Takaki and Yuto share a really cute moment. Takaki offers Yuto something to eat (I’m not sure what it is) that is already in his mouth and Yuto slowly eats from the other side (think Lady and the Tramp). No there is no kiss but that would be funny if there was. That is pretty much the gist of part one: Yuto being funny, Chinen being cute, Takaki and Daiki being awesome.

Onto part two!!! Part two may not have been as entertaining as part one but that’s because they weren’t goofing aroud as much – they actually had to do work (lol). The first funny thing is Yamada takes the camera and gives us the opportunity to play the eye game! Can you guess who’s eye is who’s? Admittedly, I got Takaki’s wrong and thought it was Yuto. I did get Daiki correct and then I got Chinen wrong because I thought he was holding the camera and I wouldn’t think he would do it to himself. Then they all do the thing where they jump over the wall and poor Daiki has to do it again because he looked too lighthearted! (oh Daiki, you’re too sweet!). Basically the rest is the dancing part and Takaki and Yuto have their share of mess-ups but laugh it off. Eventually, they get it and it’s all good! I really liked the part when Chinen was swinging Takaki’s arms since it was just too cute. So yeah, that was pretty much part two.

So we finally have part three! While Daiki was not paying attention, Yamada takes the opportunity to get him. He puts his hands in a certain position and pokes Daiki in the butt, which hurts Daiki a lot (aww)! He promises to get him back later (hehehe). This has one of my favorite parts of the whole making: Chinen sitting on Takaki’s lap. When the camera comes in, they say it’s private – public relations (lol). Chinen then proceeds to pinch Takaki’s cheek and make a really cute noise, then telling him to work hard (calling him his big brother – awww). Then they shoot the CD jacket and play around with the pictures on the computer – messing with Daiki’s shot. Then each member says their thank yous and goodbyes. We get to see a shirtless Yamada so fangirls and fanboys rejoice! My favorite was Yuto since he looked so cute and so positive. I would have liked to see a shirtless Yuto but sadly no. Daiki’s was funny too – particularly because he couldn’t say “warmly.”

So I hope you all enjoyed this making of as much as I did! Credits to NEWShFAN for subbing this so I could understand it!!! One thing about this making of that I really enjoyed was seeing how absolutely adorable Chinen was. He’s grown up a little more and doesn’t sit on the other members’  laps anymore so that’s sad. And I also like Takaki a little more after watching this since I feel like I saw another side of him. Yuto and Daiki were awesome too and I still love them to death. Surprisingly, I didn’t like Yamada as much as I thought I would have watching this. I think part of it was that I’m used to having Yamada getting the focus that I wanted to see the spotlight on the other members and that’s probably why I enjoyed their parts more. Nonetheless, I still really like Yamada but I hope we get to see equal time for all the members…or at least the ones that I really like hehehe.


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