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January 30, 2009

Arioka Daiki and Inoo Kei Are Cute

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Now I’m sure we all knew this before but after watching a few videos, I felt this post needed to be done. So here are a few videos highlighting the adorableness that are Daiki and Kei.

This first video features Daiki and Kei asking foreigners what their names are and then they translate them into kanji. So the first woman they talk to is Laura Hernandez and I’ll be honest, she bothered me. She just seemed so unreponsive to them and I dunno, even though she might have had trouble understanding them, the other two people were a lot more responsive. Either way, Daiki was sooooo friggin adorable trying to speak English!! His pronounciation was really good even though he had a little trouble structuring his setences. Basically she had no idea what they were talking about the entire time and she kinda pretended like she did (and that bothered me too…). Then they went to do it for Shohre Kazemi and that one was a lot better. Kei asked her “which do you like?” and she picked Daiki! (Aww, poor Kei). I liked Daiki’s voice when he said “sexy” too, very nice (hehehe). The best one though without a doubt was with Vukko Vanninen since she seemed into it and talked with them. Kei asks her how old she is and she responds 32 and then “is that okay?” (hahaha). Kei seemed very amused by that. So Daiki and Kei both write her name in kanji but they have slightly different translations. Once again, Kei asks “which do you like?” and the winner is Daiki! (poor Kei!!!! He lost twice!). This was an absolutely hilarious video and their English was really good!! I would’ve hated to pick between them since I love them both but I would have to go with Daiki (sorry Kei!!)

The above video is short but it’s the premise for the following video. Basically, Daiki and Kei play Jan-Ken-Pon (the equivalent of Rock-Paper-Scissors) to determine who will ride the roller coaster. Now it may seem a little weird to see Kei not being exciting about winning but that’s because whoever won the game would be the person to ride the roller coaster and Kei is afraid of them. But his reaction to winning was hilarious and sooo cute!! Espcially the end when he runs away and Daiki chases after him!

Now since Kei won the game, he has to ride the roller coaster and he is soo scared at the beginning. I would be too since I’m afraid of roller coasters too so I understand how he was feeling. But I’m proud of him for going through with it! He actually looked like he had a good time at the end. His facial expressions are hilarious!!! And LMAO at the picture of him holding a lemon! Why is he holding a lemon???

So here is proof that Daiki and Kei are absolutely adorable, not that we didn’t all already know that. But if you haven’t seen these videos, then you totally watch them because they’re hilarious!!


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