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January 28, 2009

Hey! Say! BEST Gives Me A Thrill!

Well yesterday, I watched Hey! Say! JUMP Debut & First Concert Ikinari! In Tokyo Dome (yeah I’m late, I know) and three performances really stood out to me. Without a doubt, the best song of the entire tour is Suriru (Thrill) performed by Hey! Say! BEST. I really did not expect for them to deliver such a hot song but they did…just…wow!!!

So we first start off with all the boys doing a little dance sequence, all dressed in black and pink jackets and pants (and the colors suit them so well). Then Hikaru says “shigekiteki da ze” (It’s stimulating!) and that’s when they take it to the next level. Jacket’s get ripped open and the shirtlessness comes out!! Okay look at 0:18 and you’ll see Yabu rip his jacket and his face will make you melt to the floor. It’s that hot. Then the music comes in with the jazzy sound stimulating the clear sexual atmosphere of the song. After two lines from the chorus, they dive into the first verse. Yabu is the first to go as he repeats “tell” a number of times and then follows with his line. His voice throughout his lines are perfection and he really portrays the atmosphere of the song well, particularly on “hikaru sono omoi” (those feelings that shine). Then Hikaru goes and even though I’ve never been a huge fan of his voice, he did a fantastic job on his lines too (not as good as Yabu but hey, it was still good). Holy crap, Takaki is sooo hot when he sings his two lines. His body looks sooo good here and just made my eyes open since I did kind of forget he could be so sexy. Daiki and Kei then sing together and it really stood out to me particularly for Daiki. I’ve always thought Daiki was attractive and he could be hot and cute but this performance proved that he can also be SEXY! Seriously, it was a nosebleed moment. Then they all dance to and sing the chorus, the voices perfectly coming together to sound so good. The best vocals come through on “sekai sae mo kaerareru sa” (you could even change the world). That “sa” is held so well, it’s just like heaven.  Then they continue “one day, one night, get suriru.” It definitely will make you feel thrilled, I promise. Next is a little dancing section and more sexiness comes through, particularly from Takaki (Damn!). This was just a steamy performance from start to finish and shows that Hey! Say! BEST can be extremely sexy!!!

Okay Johnny’s. When Hey! Say! JUMP releases an album, I demand that Thrill be put there. I’m serious. If it is not on there, I will be soooo pissed off. It BETTER be there. I don’t care if it takes the place of a potential new song, I need to have this song on my iPod. So do it. BTW, ANNOUNCE A NEW RELEASE!!!  Arashi and KAT-TUN already have 2 releases annonuced and Hey! Say! JUMP…oh yeah, that’s right, they have nothing…


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  1. YabukuN….kaWaIi…nE

    U R The bEsT….^______^

    Comment by FeeR — March 7, 2009 @ 11:29 am | Reply

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