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January 25, 2009

Picture Spam Volume Four: Chinen Yuri

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And now we come to Volume Four of Picture Spam!! I am officially done with finals so the blog should be more active!! Unfortunately, I was so relieved to be done with finals, I forgot to preprare this earlier so it won’t be as great as I hoped. Next week will be awesome, I promise! So this week’s feature will be of Chinen Yuri.

chinenpic2Even though Chinen has been taking on a more mature image as of late, it’s always nice to see cute Chinen, isn’t it? The picture at the left is a perfect representation of that! I think it’s really cute how his shirt is the same color as the flower he’s holding and the pink background also helps in establishing a bright and happy atmosphere. His hair looks really nice here and I think it makes his face look a little rounder and more kid-like (or maybe it’s just a picture from a while ago so he’s younger, explaining why he looks so young). Either way, his face looks adorable here and he makes you want to just pinch his cheeks and give him a hug!! His smile isn’t exactly beaming so there is a bit of that childish unsureness that works in this picture. Luckily, his eyes are beaming and they always say that the eyes are the window to a person’s soul so it’s no surprise that his personality is so bright and happy. The blue and orange are a nice combination on his shirt. Normally, I wouldn’t think that the colors would go well together but I guess Chinen proved me wrong! I think this is a great picture of Chinen since it reflects his sweet personality and adorable nature so well!

Now we all know that Chinen likes to sit on the laps of the other members (well I don’t know about anymore) so it’s chinenpic4chinenpic41chinenpic3really cute when he takes pictures with the other guys. Who else would be perfect to take a picture with Chii but the adorable and loveable Daiki! What makes this picture so good is that it looks like Daiki is taking care of Chinen in a way. Daiki looks so mature and cool here (and quite fashionable if I do say so myself) while Chinen looks so comfortable here being the cute kid! Okay everyone, let’s take a look at Chinen’s face. Now it definitely portrays that child-like innocence but look at his tongue! It totally gives his a more mature look (sexy huh? hehe). Chinen also looks very fashionable here (I particularly like his the combination of his shirt and his jacket – they make a good contrast against Daiki’s clothes). And what’s with the bath-tub? That seems like a really random for a photoshoot! I’m not crazy about the blue spots on the page since they don’t really seem to serve any particular purpose but I guess they’re not horrible. Judging from the font of their names, I’m guessing that is a photoshoot from Myojo but I’m not positive. Either way, I want this issue!!! I wonder if there are similar ones with the other members…Anyway, this is a great picture since Chinen looks so cute but not so innocent if you know what I mean?

chinenpic5The letters again! I forget where this photoshoot was from? Perhaps a calendar or something, at least that’s what I think someone said. Whatever, it’s a cute picture and that’s all that matters. I think his hair looks great here and is kind of the middle between his cuter look and his more mature look. It compliments his face well without going too far in one direction (cute or mature). Okay, I don’t know what’s up with the light blue border on the left side of the picture. I don’t think that’s supposed to be there. I think it’s really funny that he’s carrying the two Y’s (for Yuri of course) and it does make sense since it fits in with the group’s name (one Y in Hey! and the other in Say!). Even though you can’t see his full outfit, it looks pretty good from what I can see. Although his watch does look a little strange. The material looks really weird and it kind of looks like a braid of hair (lol). I think the necklace is a nice touch though and gives the outfit a little more spice. His face makes him look a little unsure as if he’s asking someone if he’s doing the right thing. Overall, I think this is a really good picture of Chinen and definitely one to check out if you haven’t seen yet!!! Yay Chinen!!

It’s the PV for Your Seed!!! I’ve always loved this song and video since they were my first taste of Hey! Say! JUMP, chinenreplacethus always holding a special place in my heart. Now in case you can’t make out who’s who in the picture, they are (from left to right): Yamada, Yuto, Chinen, Daiki and…I can’t see because Daiki’s hand is blocking his face (lol). My guess would be Ryutaro since the person looks small so I don’t know who else it could be. Anyway, they all look concentrated except for Chinen of course, who looks like he’s just grooving and having fun. That’s what made me choose this picture, cute Chinen. I really like the composition of the picture as the red background compliments the orange on the boys outfits. Everyone looks good too, particularly Daiki, who just looks so intense, don’t you think? Ha! He found his way into the Chinen’s Picture Spam again!

Well that’s all for today and I hope you enjoyed this Picture Spam! I know it wasn’t the best but I knew people were waiting for Chinen one so I attempted to deliver one!!! Next week will be better, I promise!!


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  1. chineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen~
    thanks for the picspam
    and your seed was also my first HSJ song
    I remember getting addicted to that song~

    Comment by jomskie — January 27, 2009 @ 1:17 am | Reply

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