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January 18, 2009

Picture Spam Volume Three: Okamoto Keito

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Okay folks, it’s Picture Spam Volume Three!! I have finals next week, which will require all of my time so I’m sorry if this doesn’t turn out to be a very good issue! But I found some really good pics of Keito so I hope all the Keito fans will like it!

keitopic11Keito is cute when he eats things because he somehow just looks so cute and innocent. What is it exactly that he is eating, I have no idea but this picture makes me laugh because it kinda looks like he wasn’t supposed to be eating it and someone caught a picture of him. Nonetheless, he looks really good here in my opinion. I particularly like his hair here, don’t you? It gives me a really cool vibe that I’m not used to Keito really giving off but it works here. His hand looks funny here. Like it seems like a strange position but I’m sure to him, it isn’t in the least bit strange. Going back to the cool vibe, I think his clothes kinda match that look too. Even though you can’t catch most of what he is wearing, he looks very fashionable and quite stylish, which all the boys (well most of them) seem to do. Now is it me or does his skin look really smooth here? Like it looks really pretty! I know it’s kind of a weird thing to say but I immediately noticed his skin when I looked at this picture. So this picture just works from so many angles. There is a certain innocent cuteness about it which simultaneously co-exists with this sort of coolness. His hair looks fantastic and his clothes look great too (as well as his skin). So yay for Keito and yay for good pictures!

There’s something about the picture to our right that is really eye-catching. It’s probably the various pretty colors of keitopic2it. His shirt is so pretty and colorful, looking very comfortable. Once again, his hair looks really good!! I personally really like his straight like that (as opposed to spiky) and the angle that the picture was taken  makes it look he was a few highlights (do you see where I’m talking about?). The only thing about this picture that makes me not so great is that his face isn’t conveying any particular enjoyment. To me, his expression looks like a combination of confusion and sun blaring his vision. I do really like the three pictures at the bottom and they probably would have made better full-size pics just because it looks like they show off more of his personality. Luckily, his position looks comfortable so that picture definitely benefits from that angle. Now maybe its me but does his arm look a lot lighter than his face? Maybe it’s just the lighting and of course, it could just be my eyes playing tricks on me but it definitely looks lighter. So overall, a pretty good picture and a nice simple concept but it definitely could have been better executed. He looks really good (hair, clothes, etc.) but if his face only portrayed more emotions, then this picture would have been a lot better!!!

keitopic3Keeping with the colorful theme, the picture on the left is actually a lot better! I think this picture just exutes more of a childish and playful atmosphere, which Keito brings to life. I’ve never thought of Keito as particularly childish. Out of the members of Hey! Say! 7, he’s always seemed the most mature if you know what I mean (actually more mature than a few of the members of Hey! Say! BEST). Anyway, the various colors in this picture makes it all the more enjoyable. I really like the big bubble that is almost bigger than the frame itself (lol)! His hair looks really good here too (very full of life is you know what I mean). His clothes also look particularly fashionable as well! I don’t know when this picture was taken but it looks pretty springy (the shirt in particular). He’s crouching down I think so it’s kind of hard to see the pants but they look kinda strange to me. Well not so strange but not very much like something you would wear casually (but it does work with his shirt, which I like very much). I also like the yellow bubbles in the right hand corner because it adds a splash of color to the more basic colors in that section. Don’t you also think that this picture is better than the one up top? It has more of an atmosphere you can grab onto and it looks really cute.

I’m really sorry about the shortness of this picspam!!!! I have two more pictures that I want to add but I have finals to study for so this will have to take a little break.


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  1. awwww….katie is cho kawaii~

    Comment by jomskie — January 19, 2009 @ 9:23 am | Reply

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