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January 11, 2009

Picture Spam Volume Two: Yabu Kota

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Okay okay!!! Here we are at Volume Two of Picture Spam!!!!! Inoo Kei was our last feature for the debut issue and this week, we’re featuring close friend Yabu Kota!!! I love Yabu so I’m really excited about this issue because we have a lot of good pics!! This issue has a few more pics because some of the pictures feature another member but they were too cute not to use! Anyway, here we go!!!

yabu1Now I’m not sure what performance(s) the outfit Yabu is wearing at our left is for but I’m thinking it might be the Debut Concert In Tokyo Dome. So you can correct me if I’m wrong. Whatever it is, I’m really loving the look on him!! It looks kind of Spanish influenced and VERY hot on him. The red really goes with his hair, which ties the whole look together very nicely. Okay, let’s look at this pose, which just screams hot, doesn’t it? I love that slight smirk that he’s giving and it’s like he’s not even trying to be sexy. That’s just natural!! And it’s a very cool pose with his arms folded like that as well, only enhancing the picture’s greatness! Kakkoi ne? And his eyes have a combination of intensity and sweetness. It’s strong enough to make you feel the heat from the picture but gentle enough to make you see the absolutely sweetie-pie that is Yabu (just look around Hey! Say! JUMP doing stuff behind the scenes, i.e. PV Behind The Scene stuff and you’ll see what I mean about him being a sweetheart). Well I don’t think there was ever a time when I didn’t love Yabu’s hair and this picture is no different. I’m a fan of this type of hairstyle and it’s hard to explain but it just looks sooo hot!!! I wish I was at whatever concert this was to see Yabu in person because I’m sure I would have like melted on the floor. I friggin love this picture and I’m sure we can all agree that he looks so handsome here, ne?

This next picture is seriously one of the most adorable pictures in Hey! Say! JUMP history!!! Yabu and Chinen-kun!!! yabu2Don’t they look so kawaii together???  Yabu is the best at playing the big brother role and this picture is a testament to that statement. I wish I knew what magazine this was from and that I had a BIG poster of this!! Okay, let’s move onto the picture, shall we? Chinen is just made to be adorable and he looks like such a happy little kid who loves his big brother. His arms are wrapped around Yabu and just look at that smile: it’s the definition of adorable. And Yabu looks so sweet and caring while hugging Chinen, like he’s going to protect him against anything. And how cute is the thumbs up sign? It just cements the whole brothers thing going on. And OMG, they are wearing matching clothes!!! This picture is seriously the cutest thing EVER!! Yabu’s hair looks particularly good here and I think the colors of the clothes work really well in bringing out his features. His eyes really stood out to me in this picture as did Chinen’s. Yet again, Yabu gives us his adorable smile for the reader to just fawn over because it is toooo kawaii!! And his skin looks really good here too, which is always a plus. So isn’t this the most kawaii picture you’ve ever seen?? I’ve been looking for this picture for a long time so I’m glad I was finally able to find it (I even made it the background for my computer).

yabu3Yabu and Chinen just take the most adorable pictures together so I had to include the picture to the left. How it is that these two can be so adorable, I have no idea but I’m glad because we get such good pictures!!! This picture must have been taken a while ago, particularly because Chinen looks so young here.  Yabu definitely shines over Chinen here but both come together to work that big brother / little brother vibe that makes this picture so cute. Yabu’s hair looks darker than it usually does and I can’t decide if I like it this way better or if it looks better lighter because both look hot. I’ll have to go with it lighter but again, both look good so whatever. I like his clothes here too because they look so simple and natural, a look which really works for him. Plus I love how he’s doing the peace sign sideways so that his fingers can touch Chinen’s (how adorable is that?). Chinen is dressed in the cutest outfit! A bright orange jacket and a blue shirt with white stars (which looks like a flag!) and his face is lit up with happiness. Just look at those eyes and tell me you don’t wanna give him a big hug! Although I’m not a big fan of the hair, he still looks adorable. So it’s settled. Yabu and Chinen just take the cutest pictures ever so I demand that they take one together in the next Myojo or Duet or Popolo or whatever magazine they feel like.

Okay, the past two pictures have been of kawaii Yabu so now it’s time we take a look at kakoi Yabu!!! Turn your eyes yabu4to the right and let the drool fall! Maybe it’s just me but this picture somewhat reminds me of Tegoshi Yuya of NEWS (which is definitely a good thing in case you were wondering). Anyway, the simplicity of this picture definitely stands out with just black and white being the primary colors (which actually makes his skin stand out very nicely by the way). His hair looks fantastic here, just like always, and it really pops against the black background. Okay, look at his voice and tell me that he doesn’t know how to use sexy (Goto Maki reference in case you didn’t catch that). If you don’t think this picture is hot then I’m going to have to question your taste! Onto the clothes! I really the white button down shirt (which is conveniently unbuttoned for our sake) and it looks like it’s made out of a very nice material. And I can’t tell if that symbol on the right is actually on his shirt or if it’s just added to the picture. I hope it’s on the shirt because it looks really cool but the folds in the shirt don’t really match the symbol so I guess not (lol). And then we have the white undershirt, which compliments the white buttonshirt very nicely. I wish there was a picture of the same photoshoot with more to see floating somewhere on the net so I’ll go looking! So it’s another great picture of the mega attractive and awesome Yabu!!

yabu5Let’s return back to kawaii Yabu!!! One of Yabu’s best features is easily his smile and if you didn’t think so, just look at the picture to your left. Despite being the oldest member of the group, he can look so sweet and innocent, which is definitely a good skill. His hair looks great here with the both the light and the dark shades of brown complimenting each other very nicely. His skin looks like clear and pretty here as well, doesn’t it??!!! And I can’t be completely sure but his shirt looks like pink and I actually think Yabu would look really good in pink!! And look a his eyes, they convey the heart of such a sweetheart!! Again, this is one fantastic picture of Yabu that is absolutely adorable!

The fourth picture was such a great picture, wasn’t it? Let’s take a look at a similar picture and have a little yabu6competition between the two, shall we? All right, if the last picture didn’t you immediately think of Tegoshi Yuya then this one  definitely will. Not his current look but when he was younger. You can’t tell me you don’t see it…anyway…One thing about this picture that stands out is that he has wet hair. Generally speaking, hot guy plus wet hair equals really hot picture. In case you were unsure of this equation, just let your eyes move to the picture at your right. And in this picture, his face really gives off this serious and intense vibe that will absolutely melt you. His eyes especially give off that hot intense vibe. Don’t you just love it? We can see the white feathers on the right of the picture and we all know that Johnny’s groups tend to have very…interesting concert costumes so this makes me think it was at a photoshoot for the concert. Maybe the Debut & First Concert Ikinari! Concert? I guess I’ll see in a few hours when I watch it! Yay!! One final thing is that his lips look sooooo good in this picture. I’m sure that all the fangirls / fanboys can just imagine those perfect lips on theirs (haha).

yabu7Let’s end this post with kawaii Yabu!!! In case you didn’t catch what I said about Yabu looking absolutely innocent and adorable, then this picture should serve as definite proof for you. His hair looks darker here, which is definitely works in the picture’s favor because it contrasts the pink cuteness of the rest of the picture. And I love the huge pink heart pillow and just look at that cute face. He looks like he’s asking you a question: do you want this pillow? Of course Yabu, we would all want that cute heart pillow!!! Yabu is so loveable when he’s doing the cute thing and there’s almost a slight nervousness in his face that gives me the image of confessing your feelings to your crush and being scared of what he/she will say. So I don’t know if that was that photographer’s vision but I think Yabu really made the picture came alive and that’s always great. If anyone knows what magazine this picture is from, it would be great if you could let me know!!

Well this has been Picture Spam Volume 2 featuring the always amazing Yabu Kota!!! Stay tuned for next week’s Picture Spam! Actually, I have finals the week after that Saturday so I will be studying like crazy. Picture Spam Volume 3 might be a little late but I promise to do my best!



  1. yabumama!!!
    the guy who takes care of care of JUMP~
    generally he gives off this caring older brother feel
    the second pic is loooove~
    they are so cute together~

    Comment by jomskie — January 12, 2009 @ 12:24 pm | Reply

  2. hhaha the second pic is adorableeee!!!
    And I like how Yabu takes care of everyone. It makes him all the cuter 🙂

    Comment by amaiyume — January 12, 2009 @ 2:13 pm | Reply

  3. he is cute and i think we all know that; his cute side its just well cute and amazing cause like you said it looks like he is really innocent!
    in the other hand the other pictures with the serious faces looked really good too and the one with the wet hair he looks sooooo hotttttttttttt he really does! and i agree with the equation by the way!
    thanks fot this lovely information of yours and the pictures!!

    Comment by Nicole — May 17, 2010 @ 8:09 pm | Reply

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