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January 8, 2009

Winter Love Part One – Hey! Say! JUMP

I know we’re coming to an end of what is known as the “holiday season” so this post is gonna be kinda like a winter time special. I have no idea what magazine this photoshoot was from but whatever, it’s wintery and that’s all that matters. I’m sure you all will notice that there are only nine pictures in this post and that is because I couldn’t find Hikaru’s picture. I tried but to no luck. So I’m sorry Hikaru fans!!! It’s nothing against him; it’s just that I couldn’t find the picture. But don’t worry, he will be featured in part two because I did find the one from that group. Anyway, onto the winter pictures!!!

winterchinen1Let’s start off with Chinen’s picture. This was definitely one of the best in the whole bunch because he is really portaying a specific atmosphere. Doesn’t he just look like a cute little kid who’s having fun playing in the snow? Plus I find it really cute that the color of his earmuffs match the color of the wagon he’s riding. And he works the all white ensemble very well! But what is that he’s holding? It looks like a big stick with something on the end…like an ax or something but I’m pretty sure that’s not what it is. Admittedly, I would have loved to see an adorable picture of him smiling wide and his arms clutching the wagon. But I think Chinen wants to look a little more mature and less like a little kid, which is always a good thing but it doesn’t mean he can’t go back and visit that cute little kid style every now and then. He’s still really cute so he could easily pull it off. The background is a little iffy because that cloud (I’m assuming that it’s a cloud) just screams fake but that kind of adds to the whole fun kid atmosphere of it if you ask me. So congrats Chinen on a picture well took.

Speaking of a childlike atmosphere, our 2nd picture is of Ryutaro!! Honestly, he didn’t pull off that atmosphere nearly winterryutaroas well as Chinen (but that was to be expected). It was a nice picture but there could have been some improvements to make it better. He’s wearing a big coat but the angle of the picture makes it seem too big and it’s covering almost his entire body. The position of his arms look kinda awkward and it could have been more whimsical had they been arranged differently. And his face isn’t really portraying a particular emotion. Truth be told, he looks a little bored by the whole thing. Okay, one good point is that the hat is adorable (also the same color as the wagon Chinen was riding). I do really like the idea of him sitting on a little dog-house (like Snoopy!!) because that is very helpful in the kid atmosphere. And for some reason, the big snowball in the background made me laugh. I can’t really tell what’s on the dog house but it looks really pretty and kind of adds to that whimsical wintery feeling, don’t you think? Okay, so Ryutaro’s picture wasn’t as strong as Chinen’s but that’s okay but he did his best I’m sure.

winterkeitoLet’s put Keito next shall we? I’m going to be completely honest in saying I don’t like this picture. Actually Keito looks good here but it looks like they took a picture of him and just pasted it into the wintery scene without taking into consideration the possibility that it might look awkward. See look at Keito’s face. It doesn’t look like it’s a part of the picture and if it is, I just don’t get what they were going for. And why is he carrying a ladder? That’s just really funny to me. His legs make it look like he’s climbing something but then in the picture, it kinda looks like he’s jumping or something. I dunno; it’s just strange. There are a bunch of snowballs around him but they look misplaced. It looks like they were just placed there in order to add to the winteriness of the picture. Well, I do like the red scarf that he’s wearing because it adds to a little brightness to the picture of a white wonderland. So again, it’s not Keito’s fault but the photographer’s. Let’s hope they pay more attention next time and I’m hoping for an awesome spring photoshoot(s).

Well I guess since I just picked 3 of the younger members, let’s do the other 2 next, starting with Yuto. I really like winteryutothis picture because it just looks natural and it’s a good representation of winter. His face is just screaming happy and adorable. All the props make this picture enjoyable as well. The earmuffs are similar to Chinen’s except they look a lot fluffier and cuter. The skies look really big, like they might be bigger than him which actually comes off as really cute. And the ski poles (I’m assuming they are ski poles) add a nice touch to it because it’s almost like a story. He’s going on a ski adventure!! And OMG, is that fur I see on the hood of his coat??!!! As you all might know, I absolutely love fur on coats so kudos to Yuto for having fur! Bonus points!! And maybe it’s me but he looks sooo skinny here, especially his legs. Maybe he’s always been that skinny and I just never noticed. Either way, I love this picture and think it’s one of the best out of the whole bunch. It actually feels real and something you can believe rather than just an attempt to place him in a wintery setting.

winteryamadaFinal member of Hey! Say! 7 (the younger 5 members of the group) is Yamada!! The thing I love most about this picture is that Yamada looks so modely in it. I mean his face has that kind of innocence like someone has just called his name and he’s turning to see who it is, still remember that he’s in the photoshoot so he needs to let take a good picture. He’s sitting on the ladder, which is kind of cute and the brown really pops in the whole blue and white winter wonderland. I also like the fact that he’s holding such a big snowball. Maybe the person who called his name will be getting a big cold snowball right in the face!! The snowballs around him also add a litle flavor to the scene. The one thing that I don’t particularly care for is that it looks so simple. Like they could have added a few props or something like in Yuto’s picture that could have spiced up the picture a little bit. Nonetheless, simplicity works in this picture so that the focus is where it should be: on Yama-Yama-chan!!! So Yamada’s picture definitely came out as one of the better ones and he should be proud!

Let’s kick off the older members with one of one of my personal favorite members: Yabu! Much like Yamada, the winteryabupicture is kinda modely. His face looks like a combination of coolness and thoughtfulness. The way he’s looking at the sky really makes it seem like he’s contemplating something deep, don’t you think? Also like Yamada’s, the picture is very simple, just with him and the shovel and a couple snowballs here and there. I’m starting to get a little sick of the snowballs. They could have been more creative and made snowmen or something. I really like his hair here and thinks it make him look all the more cool!! Now for Yamada’s picture, the simplicity really worked well and there are only the red mittens but they don’t stand out as much (which is a good thing). In this one, Yabu’s pinkish sweater is a bit blaring in the whole blue and white scene so your eyes are immediately drawn there. It would have been better without it so that the whole color scheme of the photo came together perfectly. Nonetheless, I really enjoyed Yabu’s picture. He looks great and isn’t that all it needs to make a picture alive?

winterdaikiDaiki will forever have my love and if you want a reason, just look at this picture! Isn’t it absolutely adorable??? Why is he carrying a bunch of snowballs in a sack? I’m guessing it’s kind of like a Santa Claus type thing they’re going for or something of the sort. I love his red gloves and they really pop within this wintery scene, particularly because he’s using them to carry the sack. And OMG!!!! It’s return of the fur on the hood of the jacket!! I knew Daiki could wear fur well and this picture just proves that I was right! Again, much like I noticed with Yuto, Daiki’s legs look really skinny. All of them are wearing similar pants so maybe it’s just the pants that make their legs look sooo skinny. Looking at the picture, is that one snowball in front, tied to the sack? That doesn’t really make any sense but maybe I’m wrong. But if I am, then that’s really funny. His face also looks so determined but still in a playful way so that we see his personality come alive for us. So overall, great picture Daiki and certainly one of the better overall composed pictures from this photoshoot.

Not gonna lie, this is not a very picture of Takaki. The idea behind the picture just doesn’t look very thought-wintertakakiout…even a little lazy. The one thing I do like about this photo is Takaki’s smile. He looks geniuinely happy to be taking pictures and that happiness definitely makes the picture that much more enjoyable. But that’s pretty much the only thing I like about the picture. He’s just sitting in the snow with some snowballs around him and a rake. I know simplicity worked for some of the other boys but there is such a thing as oversimplicity and this is where it is. There could have been more props or something for him to sit on (like a couch made of snow or something) so that this picture could be just a little more interesting. And truthfully, I absolutely hate his hair. What happened to the hot style from the Mayonaka no Shadow Boy PV??? And I’m not liking the deepness of the red scarf because it feels so out of place in the blue and white instead of popping like the red stuff of the other boys. Basically all the blame goes to the photographer / person in charge of putting the scenes together because this is just lazy. At least he smile wins points for the picture.

winterkeiI wanted to end on a good note so here we are with Kei!!! This picture is so friggin cute that it just had to be placed right in this post. I don’t know what it is with this photographers like for snowballs because they seem a little out of place, especially here. But it’s cute how it looks like he’s pushing the snowball around like a person (it would have been even cuter had it been another one of the members of the group instead of a snowball). And look at his face!! He just looks so happy and free that it’s infectious! I like his hair here too even though it gets cut off by the top of the picture. The ground looks really icy so don’t fall Kei-chan!!! This is one of my favorite pictures once again because it looks like it’s telling a story that could be real, which happened to be captured by a photographer (those always make the best pictures). Maybe it’s my current newfound love for Kei-chan but he just is rocking every picture they take of him!!! I’m sure all the fangirls / fanboys will agree right?

Again, I’m sorry I couldn’t find the picture of Hikaru but don’t worry! He’ll be appearing in part two of this winter special so no need to fret. Like I always do with posts like this, I’ve got to choose a winner!! I admit this was a hard decision but I’m going to have to go with Yuto! His picture stands out to me the most with all the props and everything and he looks so cute. Runner-ups are Daiki and Kei!

This has been part one and expect part 2 soon!!!



  1. I think this is from the winter con phamplet…..errrr…..I think
    I love inoo & yabu’s shots~
    and the red earmuffs are love~

    Comment by jomskie — January 8, 2009 @ 8:51 am | Reply

  2. lol Kei is sooo cute!!!
    Yabu is like such a model!
    OMG, put out a new single! XD

    Comment by amaiyume — January 8, 2009 @ 2:48 pm | Reply

  3. Yep this is from HSJ’s Fuyucon Pamphlet! 😀
    You can DL the rest of the pamphlet here [along with Hikaru’s pics]:
    Credits to silverxrainx of course for reuploading from RY GB! ^^
    Hope this helps!!

    Comment by captxfizz — January 9, 2009 @ 5:12 am | Reply

  4. thanks for the link!!!

    Comment by amaiyume — January 9, 2009 @ 5:41 am | Reply

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