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January 6, 2009

Rumor Mill: New DVD + New Single?

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Well there are a couple of rumors floating around the internet and I pray at least one of them is true because Hey! Say! JUMP needs to release something…anything soon.

The first rumor is that the boys will be releasing a DVD of the recent Winter Tour. My copy of their first tour arrived yesterday so I haven’t got time to watch it yet but I will soon. I’ve heard good things about it though so I hope if this new DVD is released then it will receive as good reviews.

The second (and more exciting) rumor is that Hey! Say! JUMP will be releasing a new single in April. The title track will be used as the theme song for NHK Anime Series Nintama Rantaro. I really want an album from them but you know what, at this point, I’ll settle for ANY new release. So I’m praying that this new release is true. I’d rather have them make an original song rather than just their own version of Yuuki 100% (recently performed on their Winter Tour) but I guess we’ll have to see huh?

Please please please one of these rumors be true! Better yet, let both be true. And then an album…hopefully we’ll be getting some confirmation soon…


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  1. those rumors better come true or else….
    LOLZ at the random yabu pic~

    Comment by jomskie — January 7, 2009 @ 10:41 am | Reply

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