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January 4, 2009

Picture Spam Volume One: Inoo Kei

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Welcome to Volume One of Picture Spam!!! As you know, each Saturday, one of the members of Hey! Say! JUMP will be featured, getting 5 pics a post! Today our subject is the always amazing Inoo Kei!!! So let’s get onto the Picture Spam!!!!

msnbkeiThe picture at our left is obviously for Mayonaka no Shadow Boy and I really like it, mostly because it looks funny. It looks like he was talking and this screenshot was during that moment. Or maybe he’s just making a funny face (lol). I really really like the black hoodie he’s wearing because it gives him kind of a mysterious vibe that perfectly suits him. Plus there is the whole dark black clothes against the window reflecting light contrast that makes the picture all the more interesting. Moving back to his mouth, perhaps it’s just me but his lips look really sexy there. I’m sure all the Kei fangirls / fanboys will agree with me on that one. I mean…just look at them. Become mesmerized! Anyway, I really like this picture and think he looks very very very hot here, and that always makes for a good picture right?

Okay, our next picture is at our right. If you remember, there was a Summary 2008 Post a while back and I kei1absolutely loved Kei’s picture because he looked sooo sexy. Now here’s another picture from that same photoshoot which shows more of his fun side. In case you couldn’t tell, he’s holding an oar and if I had to take a guess, I would guess that he’s play fighting with one of the other members. Just look at his face! That torally looks like the face of someone who is having a good time. Plus doesn’t it look like an extremely adorable smile? As always, Kei’s hairstyle looks perfect on him and the red looks even better (yeesh, is there a color that doesn’t look good on him?). I wish there was a fuller picture so we could see his legs because I think they would make the picture even better, don’t you think so? I’m really really liking the shorts and I think he looks very good in them. Come on guys, don’t you just wanna eat him up. This picture is definitely a strong combination of cuteness and hotness and if that isn’t representative of summer then I don’t know what is? So come on Johnny’s, give him some more attention (what’s with sticking him to those little parts in Mayonaka no Shadow Boy? Why no solo line??!!!!) so we can get to know him even better. Look at that picture and tell me you don’t think he deserves more attention. I think spending the summer by his side would definitely be the best summer of my life.

kei2All right folks, let’s move back to the left. Doesn’t Kei just look so handsome??? I really like the whole white ensemble because it gives off more of a sophisticated look that fits him so well. I’m not sure what he’s holding. It looks like a mug or something. I don’t know what this photoshoot’s theme is so I can’t say it looks a little out-of-place…but it does. Now this may sound a little weird but his hair really looks like it portrays the emotions of the picture. I mean just look at how calm and relaxed it looks!!! It always looks like that but I really noticed when I saw this picture. Okay, now look at Kei’s face. Doesn’t it have the same calm and relaxed features? See, the whole picture comes together perfectly and it probably wasn’t even intentional. As for the outfit itself, I’m not that much of the sweater. It looks like it’s a cross between white and peach because it’s going to peach but it’s not quite there yet. I would have just preferred complete white. The shirt though looks nice and I’m liking the very low neckline. Anyway, Kei just makes this such a good picture so the photographer should be lucky he got to take pictures of such a handsome boy (hehehe). And because I can’t get over it, I’ll mention it again. Doesn’t he just look so sophisticated here? It’s a style that I don’t see much but it’s good on him so maybe he can do it more.

Well it was fun taking a ride down the road of sophistication but let’s go with sexy again, shall we? The picture at our kei3right is from…Myojo I think. I have the specific issue with this picture but I don’t feel like looking through magazines to find it right now (lol).  So maybe it’s me but in this picture he looks like one of the boys from KAT-TUN (now I don’t know my members well enough yet so maybe Jin? Perhaps?). Whatever, it doesn’t matter. This picture just screams sexy from so many different angles. I mean we have his face, which is just wow. There’s a real intensity behind his eyes, which push the overall intensity of his face. His lips look really good here and his hair looks slightly different here (more on the straight side rather than wavy) but looks amazing nonetheless. Then we come to his pose. He’s pulling off the black vest (well I think it’s a vest anyway) to reveal a white tank-top. Okay. How hot is that? His arm looks very muscular here and that pushes the whole intense theme even further. Maybe it’s just me again but there’s something about the tank-top that I can’t put my finger on. Like as it goes over his shoulder, it looks…well I dunno but it’s good. I think it just may be the lighting so kudos to whoever was in charge of the lighting. Overall, this is one hell of a picture and it accurately captures Kei’s sexiness for all Myojo (I think)  readers to see!

kei4So we come to our last post of the day! The moment I saw this picture, I knew I had to have it in this post. I’m not sure when or where this is from but he just looks so relaxed with the headphones in his ears. It looks like someone is talking to him and he’s listening when this picture was taken. I love his hair here and I think the straight hair-style looks soooo good on him. Some of his hair is kind in his eyes and somehow, that makes the picture all the hotter. I can’t really tell what he’s wearing from the picture but I can see that he’s wearing red (yet another color that looks good on him! Does it ever end? Probably not lol). His skin looks really good here too so that’s always a plus. I wish this picture was bigger or at least showed more of him in because then I would have more to say but that is neither here or there. So I guess this picture will be the ending to our first Picture Spam. I hope you all enjoyed this and will continue to enjoy it each week. I’ll try my best to actually fulfill that promise and try not to slack off (this will be the blog’s new year resolution – to be more active). This has been Picture Spam Volume One featuring Inoo Kei! Who will be featured in Volume Two? You’ll just have to stay tuned to find out!!



  1. The fourth pic is from DUET october..errr..I think..K8 cover~
    anyway back to topic…I love kei-chan~
    he’s my niban on HSJ…and belive it or not I’ve talked to a lot of fangurls and a lot them love this guy after their ichibans
    I think he’s one of the more underrated members of JUMP
    he’s soooo random at times and combined with hikaru they are a comedy duo
    Inoo gives this cool silent type of a guy aura
    and can I just say I LOVE it when he pouts!!!
    he’s the reason I bought the summary phamplet…ahahaha~
    I forgot which member said it but they said that inoo looks good on practically any clothe~
    he can actually be a model for something…he knows how to project in tne camera~
    I love your pics….*croses finger for a chinen picspam*

    Comment by jomskie — January 4, 2009 @ 3:36 am | Reply

  2. Duet October!! It’s probably too late to get that issue now so oh well. At least I can still look at the great picture!

    I agree about Kei being underrated, which is a real shame!! Personally I love Kei and think he gives off that cool vibe but at the same time, he’s really funny like all the time with Yabu!!

    Thanks for commenting! I really appreciate it!!
    When will the Chinen picspam come??? Who knows!!! It’s a mystery!!! XD

    Comment by amaiyume — January 4, 2009 @ 6:08 am | Reply

  3. ne, i like the second and the last one…
    on the secOnd pic, he is so cute there especially his smile.
    he can attract everybody with that kakoi face,,
    and on the last pic, he luk so hawt, and i mean that.
    it only proves that in any angle, inoo is cute

    Comment by iloveinoo — January 17, 2009 @ 1:08 pm | Reply

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