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December 22, 2008

Hey! Say! JUMP-ing Tour ’08-’09 Setlist

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Hey! Say! JUMP’s new tour has recently kicked off and a huge shout out to Hey! Say! Heisei! for providing a tracklist!!!!! I wish I could have been there but hopefully we’ll get a DVD release or something…AFTER AN ALBUM!!!!! [OMG HURRY UP GUYS!]

01. Ultra Music Power

02. Dreams come true

03. Your Seed

04. Fly

05. Wonderland Train

06. Uruwashi no Bad Girl

07. Ryutaro’s Dance Solo

08. Yamada’s New Solo Song

09. Chinen’s New Solo Song

10. Deep Night Kimi Omou

11. Mayonaka no Shadow Boy

12. Star Time

13. Junior Corner

14. Thrill [Hey! Say! BEST]

15. New Song [Hey! Say! BEST]

16. Kumo no Ito [Takaki’s Solo Song]

17. Itoshi no Playgirl

18. Summary

19. Chance to Change

20. Bouken Rider

21. Hey! Say!

22. Memories


23. Yuuki 100%

24. Tobira no Mukou

25. Ultra Music Power



  1. hahha 😀
    i read this, all of it.
    hey if there’s patience, then it will come soon^^
    the tour????
    Inoo kei-sempai told me that
    hsj is going on a tour…
    that’s really great.
    hope they have funn 🙂
    i totally support them!!!!!! >.<
    arigatou gozaimasu minna!!!

    Comment by mai — December 24, 2008 @ 11:06 pm | Reply

  2. yeah…it would be nice to have an album though but I could go for another tour DVD if that’s what they want. Actually, I don’t care if it’s another single. I just want something from them. Arashi, V6 and KAT-TUN all have new stuff lined up so it’s like when is it their turn?

    Comment by amaiyume — December 25, 2008 @ 12:25 am | Reply

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