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October 5, 2008

Member Spotlight: Arioka Daiki

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Arioka Daiki is definitely one of my favorite members of Hey! Say! JUMP. Previously, he was a part of Hey! Say! 7 but now he’s in a group with the other nine boys and always manages to catch my attention.

Arioka Daiki was born on April 15, 1991 (almost on the same day as Keito!) in the Chiba Prefecture. He entered Johnny’s Entertainment on July 2, 2003 (Chinen was there too at the time, in the same group!). Daiki started off in the temporary unit Hey! Say! 7 in 2007 and they released the single Hey! Say!, which went to the number one spot on Oricon. On September 24, 2007, he became a part of Hey! Say! JUMP and they have released three singles as of now: Ultra Music Power, Dreams come true and Your Seed / 冒険ライダー. Their fourth single,真夜中のシャドーボーイ, is up on the way to be released October 22nd. All the singles have gone to number one on the Oricon chart so he should be very happy about it and I expect 真夜中のシャドーボーイ to take that same spot. He may not be in the front of the PVs or have a particularly prominent role in singing the song, he has a very nice voice and I hope he gets to be in front a little more as time goes on.

Luckily, Daiki has gotten various dorama opportunities to show off just what he can do. In 2001, he appeared in Gao Ranger as Futaro. He made a guest appearance in episode two of Saigo no Bengonin. In 2005, he appeared in the Japanese dorama Engine as Sonobe Toru. This year, he took on the role of Takekura Rin in Sensei wa Erai! and did a fantastic job. It was because of this role that he caught my attention. He will also be appearing in Scrap Teacher, which premieres October 11th. I bet that he’ll be great once again so I can’t wait to see it!!! He even had a movie role Jam Films 2: Fastener.

Daiki’s admired senpai is Katori Shingo (of SMAP) and that’s why his favorite song is “It Can’t Be,” a solo song sung by Shingo. He has a talent for playing football while his favorite sport is soccer (seems to be quite the popular sport among the boys). He enjoys Japanese class and likes reading compositions while he dislikes Math class because he finds it hard to memorize and understand formulas (hahaha I know what he means). His first love was in Primary School Year 1 (aww, cute!). His favorite food is omurice (omelets on top of fried rice) while his least favorite things are mayonnaise and umeboshi. He enjoys the Dragon Ball manga (like so many other people); his favorite TV show is Showbiz Countdown and his favorite movie is Armageddon. His favorite body part of himself is his cheek (that’s a good one since he does have really cute cheeks) and he has 1.0 eyesight in each eye. He is a positive person and wishes to be taller someday. Quite often, the other members touch his belly button because his reaction is very funny (so I’m guessing he’s ticklish or something and that’s why it’s so funny). He takes baths for 30 minutes at a time so his family complains that he takes too long (although I can understand the length, I take the same amount of time). And the final point of trivia is that he sleeps only in his underwear (nice one haha).

I consider him to the be the cutie of Hey! Say! BEST (the 5 older members) and he’s just sooo loveable. Again, I look forward to seeing him in Scrap Teacher so you should all check it out!!



  1. daiki,,,prince in my heart forever……….

    Comment by yohana — March 12, 2009 @ 6:51 am | Reply

  2. konichiwa….i am big fan of arioka-san
    tanx to this site…ja ne

    Comment by sakura — December 27, 2009 @ 1:28 pm | Reply

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