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October 1, 2008

More Scrap Teacher Pictures

As always, we’re gonna start this post off with a HUGE thanks to Jump in to my Heart for always being so up-to-date and providing all of these awesome pictures. This post is to continue to build the anticipation for Scrap Teacher, the new drama featuring Nakajima, Yamada, Chinen and Daiki, which will air on October 11th. Mark your calendars!!!

The picture on our left is of Chinen and Yamada. Chinen looks really good here and it’s a nice example of Chinen looking a little more mature as opposed to just being cute. His hair looks great here and his smile…that makes you just wanna eat him up. What is he doing with his fingers? (hahaha). Yama-Yama’s face….OMG I love it!! It’s like he’s about to say something very profound but before he could say anything, the picture was taken. It’s actually really funny and it really does look like he was about to say something when they took the picture and just went ahead and decided to make that the picture to put in the magazine. And yes, I have to mention his hair because it looks so amazing here! You can’t see if because his other hand is in the other picture but it’s balled into a first like “we can do it!” It actually looks good when the two pictures are put together, trust me (lol). Looking at this picture, I noticed that Yama-Yama is wearing the same school uniform as everyone else but in Sensei wa Erai! he attended a different school than the other three boys and thus had a different uniform. So what does this mean? Is he gonna be joining the same school as the other boys because I would absolutely love that!! Maybe it’s just because they wanted everyone to look the same? I don’t really know but I’m hoping that they all go to the same school so that I can see more Yama-Yama!!!

Moving onto the next picture of the other two boys: Nakajima and Daiki. Nakajima has this happy go lucky face on that just makes you just wanna be close to him. I absolutely love his smile here because it just looks so infectious. His school uniform looks really nice on him so that’s definitely a plus. Moving onto Daiki, is he never not adorable? Just look at the smile at tell me that you don’t want to give him a hug. I also like that he has the balled fist just like Yamada but it’s more in a cutie way so it’s like “we can do it everybody! let’s go together!” His hair looks really nice here just like everyone else so that’s another plus for him. Let’s move onto the little picture of all four between Daiki and Nakajima. Interestingly enough, the boys are standing next to the same person as they are on each of the two pages. Nakajima and Daiki both are giving that balled fist of “we can do it” attitude. Chinen looks insanely adorable here and the leaning forward is actually a good pace so that is face is accentuated (if that makes any sense haha). Finally we have Yama-Yama and he’s doing the sexy theme. Oh yeah, he’s leaning in with his legs spread apart and one hand on each leg. Seriously, I didn’t expect him to be doing such a sexy pose but here we are. I’m sure all of us love that!!

Nakajima and Chinen are the first two in this yellow picture and I must say that I love this picture. Nakajima doing the finger pointing thing is pretty funny and his face is even funnier. Being tall, he’s kinda scrunched up and it’s actually a smart move. Moving onto Chinen, this is the cutest thing like ever. He just looks so carefree and spirited that you just wanna hug him and pick him up, not letting go. Like seriously, words cannot explain how adorable he looks. His arms are kinda like flailing and that only adds to the cuteness factor. That smile…oh my god, WAY too cute!! You can see a lot of his teeth and it’s just like a little kid smiling for a camera. I’m gonna say it right now that I’m really not a fan of the shoes. They should like…get new ones or something (hahaha, no lie). The school uniforms…umm..I dunno, I liked them in the drama so I’m sure I’ll like them when I actually see Scrap Teacher. I really enjoyed those two characters in Sensei wa Erai! and I must say that Nakajima’s acting really impressed me so I have no doubt that they’re gonna bring some more awesomeness from Scrap Teacher.

The final picture of this post is of Daiki and Yamada with the same yellow background. Basically we have cuteness. Daiki is just like always cute, it’s kinda his thing (like Takaki is just pretty much always very cool looking in pictures) and this is no different. The one thing that bothers me about his picture is that his cheeks look really big or something. They look strange to me like perhaps he’s smiling sooo much that his face looks kinda scrunched. But otherwise, it’s a good picture because his face and his body language (having the balled fists) give a happy “we can do it” attitude that seems to come up a lot in these photoshoots. Yama-Yama’s picture is another way too adorable picture for words. I love his hair and his face (like Chinen’s) has a kid-like quality to it that makes you just wanna hug him and not let go. Plus I like how one hand is touching his shoe and the other is in a balled fist next to his face like “everybody all together now! we can do it!” I also liked their characters in Sensei wa Erai! so I have no doubts that they’re gonna impress me yet again. Daiki’s character is surprisingly different from the cutie that he always seems to be and now that I know him better, it’ll be interesting to see him again. And I loved Yama-Yama as Gunjou! He was all smart and sweet and attractive (hahaha) plus he had a very good fashion sense. So I can’t wait to see him!!

On that note, we come to a close with this post. So everyone don’t forget to mark your calendars: October 11th = Scrap Teacher premiere! And if you’re reading this and can sub it then it would be greatly appreciated (lol cause I definitely need subs!). On a slightly off-topic note, Scrap Teacher comes out the day after my birthday (well I guess technically the day of my birthday due to time zones and what not) so that’s the perfect birthday present! Happy birthday!



  1. Enjoyed reading ur blog and there will be some group will sub it and they are C.H.L.O.E. Project

    and check this link

    looking forward to watch it~ it will be in the MUST watch List for this season ^O^

    Comment by Robina — October 5, 2008 @ 8:29 am | Reply

  2. Cool! I love all the pictures,especially yama chan and yuto kun,really love them!

    Comment by RenQ1410 — December 4, 2008 @ 2:09 pm | Reply

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