Asia no Yoru ~Perfume~

September 15, 2008

Scrap Teacher CM

Well surprise surprise! Here’s a little preview CM for the new drama Scrap Teacher starring Yama-Yama, Nakajima, Chinen and Daiki! From this preview, there isn’t much to see of the boys except for a little profile of each the four boys in front of a crimson background in the following order: Nakajima, Yamada, Chinen and Daiki.

Let’s take a look at these profiles. Starting with Nakajima, he looks great here. There is an intensity in his eyes and his hair helps him look hot. The hair covering his forehead looks a little bit wet and it actually catches the viewer’s eye. That sheer intensity is just addictive and you don’t even wanna look away. Moving onto Yama-Yama, he’s looking HOT but I don’t like the angle they put him at. It should have been more frontal rather than titled to the side because it detracts from his good looks. I’ve yet to see his hair look bad and it’s looking fantastic here. Plus the intensity kinda fades to the background because you’re not able to look as deeply into his eyes. Okay Chinen…let’s just hope it was the picture that makes him look like that because frankly, I don’t like what I see. In fact, it didn’t even look like him at first. I absolutely hate the hair so he better fix that for the drama. Oh wow, I’m just gonna hope…Daiki looks okay with his hair that looks to be grown out just a little bit but the intensity isn’t really directed as well here as hoped. I don’t think Daiki is just the intense type and is better at just being a cutie.

On a seperate note, the music in the background is pretty catchy. And it also makes me want a new single soon so maybe we’ll see that light around November. From the little blurb at the end, I guess it’ll be airing October 11 (one day after my birthday) and I have no idea what the 9 is.

Well I don’t know about you all but I’m REALLY excited for this! Expect a review of this drama over at Amai Wana!!!!


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