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September 14, 2008

More Summary 2008

Well Jump in to my Heart at Livejournal deserves another HUGE thanks as that is where I found more Summary 2008 photos. I really wanna see this live or get a pamphlet or something. Anyway, let’s go through some more pictures of Summary 2008 in pamphlet / concert.

I’ll start with Yabu because I love both him and this picture. Personally, I think Yabu is extremely photogenic and always knows how to pose in a way that makes him look great and this picture is no different. His face looks like it has a playfulness behind the coolness and having his hand on the goggles is a great fit for the picture. His skin really stood out to me in this picture as it looks a little tan, which compliments his red clothes very well. On a strange note, I like how he has a pair of goggles on his head and then another pair around his neck. Then the little orange rope and white band around his arm both look great in this picture and actually catch the eye very well. Yabu just really portrays the feeling of summer here perfectly and you can imagine just lying on a beach with him enjoying the sun. Maybe go a swim because if you drown, you know he’ll be there to rescue you (hahaha). So this picture is definitely another one that Yabu should be proud of and for those who don’t even know him and those who did, he looks hot! He’s always been hot and this picture is no different so let’s just take a moment and take in the hotness that is Yabu.

Up next is another one of my favorites, Kei. This is another great picture and once again, Kei looks hot as usual. He’s also giving the cool look that really suits him, only making the picture better. There’s something so alluring about his eyes in this picture that has the watcher captured and that makes for a really enjoyable picture. The oar in the picture (which matches his outfit) is also a nice touch because it goes with the whole summer theme of lifeguard-like imagery that these pictures seem to be going with. Much like Yabu, his hair looks awesome here and helps with the sexy element of the picture. Then let’s move down his face and after the eyes (which have already been mentioned), his lips really look good here. There is an intensity to his face that fuels all types of feelings within the person looking at the picture. Also he looks a little bit tan (not really but a little more than usual) and much like Yabu again, it works for him. I had no doubt in my mind that Kei wouldn’t look hot and from this picture, I can see that I wasn’t wrong. How can you look at this picture and not start immediately drooling?

Instead of one of the summer pictures like the other boys, here is a performing picture of the always adorable Chinen. Although I have had my ups and downs with Chinen’s hair lately, I must say that it looks good here. I can’t say for sure but it looks like a performance of 冒険ライダー  or at least the song was performed in the outfit at some point judging from the costume (the same one was worn by Chinen when performing that song on Hey! Hey! Hey! earlier in the year around single promotion time). Although I prefer some of the colors (like Yamada’s green or Yabu’s pink), the yellow looks good on Chinen. Johnny’s Entertainment has been known to have…a certain look for their performing outfits but this one isn’t so strange so I’m glad they went with a simpler look in this picture. Chinen seems to be giving some emotion, which always makes for a good performance. I also like the position of his right hand, which a lot of singers do when they are singing a slow song. Well it looks to be an enjoyable performance and I wish I was there to see it. Chinen is just so cute that you can’t not love him so this is a nice picture that shows his cuteness.

There’s even more cuteness to come with Daiki. Although Yabu and Kei had more of a sexy look, Daiki definitely portrays that summery cuteness. This is really seen both in face and his pose. His hair is looking like it has for a little while and although I’m not crazy about it, it does suit him nicely. Moving onto his face, there’s something about my eyes that I can’t put my finger on but that I really like. And his smile is adorbale; the only thing that might have made it even cuter is if he was showing some teeth. Nonetheless, the smile really works and makes you just wanna pinch his cheeks. I also like how he’s stretching his shirt because it just works with that cuteness factor and gives it kind of a childlike innocence. As for fitting for the whole summer theme, I can see how this picture conveys that. It’s like a little kid that is ready to go running on the beach and I’m sure you all want to run with him (hahaha). Although it bugs me just a little bit that the words (Hey! Say! JUMP in particular) are stretched out like that because of the way he is holding his shirt but it’s okay though. Basically Daiki picks up on the cuteness that Chinen also brings and you just wanna hug him and not let go.

While Daiki did the cute thing, Takaki comes back to the cool factor which he seems to always like doing. There is a real intensity but it doesn’t capture whoever is watching as well as Kei or Yabu’s photos. A common theme within Takaki’s pictures is that coolness and perhaps it comes across a little too strong here because there is something a little off-putting about the real intensity of his face. Although one thing I must say is that his hair looks fantastic: perfect length and perfect color as well as a perfect style for him. I really like the floatation device around his shoulder because it perfectly communicates that summery feeling and although you might not be able to tell, he is holding onto someone else (the reason for the other floatation device on the left of the picture). His skin looks great here and he looks really good in red. I’ve seen Takaki act goofy and happy and whatnot when he’s with the group so it would be kind of nice to see more pictures of him smiling and I think with a little more softness in his face, this picture would have better represented the feelings of summer. Nonetheless though, he is really looking hot and isn’t that what summer is all about?

Finally, a little collection of pictures of Ryutaro ends it. Starting with the picture on the left, he actually looks really cute in the red oufit. His hair looks nice although there seems to be some element of worry on his face or concentration (it’s kinda hard to tell haha). Let’s move onto the various smaller pictures in the middle. I’m not much of a fan of the white and orange outfit but I do really like the bottom frames, particularly the one with the megaphone. And of course my favorite picture is the one on the far right where he goes for the summery look. His hair looks great here and he just looks so cute in the orange shirt. Truthfully, one thing about Ryutaro is that he sometimes looks a little forced or uncomfortable. Perhaps it’s because he’s the youngest and at times I can see where he might feel a little awkward (for example, the August 2008 edition of Popolo where everyone was shirtless) and his smile looks a little forced here. But if you ignore that then it’s a really good picture and if his smile looked a little more natural, then this would be a perfect picture.

The whole summer image really goes well with these boys (Yabu and Kei in particular) so I definitely wanna see Summary or at least get a pamphlet. You just gotta love them because let’s face it…they are looking GOOD.


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