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September 8, 2008

Member Spotlight: Inoo Kei

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Inoo Kei was born on 06.22.90. He joined Johnny’s Entertainment on September 23, 2001 on the premise that he would be able to eat delicious food but he was mistaken (haha). He joined on the same day as Yabu Kota (which kinda makes sense because they always look so close). On September 27, 2007, he became a member of Hey! Say! JUMP and thus far, they have released three singles: Ultra Music Power, Dreams come true and Your Seed / 冒険ライダー. Evey single has gone to number one, which really shows the power of the group. On an interesting note, Kei plays the piano in Star Time (B-side of the debut single). Although he may not be one of the boys who is consistently center-stage on PVs or who has a large part in the songs, he is definitely talented and I hope he’ll have even more chances to shine in the future.

Well Kei has hasn’t the drama opportunities like his bandmates (at least not yet anyway). He had a guest appearance in Gachibaka! (holy crap!! I know which character he is but I didn’t know that was him because I didn’t know Hey! Say! JUMP back then. Wow! That is so cool!). For those who don’t know, he played Massu’s brother in one episode.

Kei has many talents such as playing the piano and guitar, playing basketball and drawing. He doesn’t talk very much in interviews but is much more comfortable with talking to his band-members (that makes sense). His most charming point is his hands, which are said to be beautiful like a girl’s (haha, okay). His favorite foods are cooked rice, udon and ramen. His most valuable possessions are letters from his fan club (aww, he cares about his fans). His favorite color is sky blue (pretty!) and his least favorite colors are green and yellow. His least favorite subjects are mathematics and English although he constantly studies English in hopes that one day that he will love the subject. His preferred type of girl is one who who has manners and common sense (good choices) and his first love  was a girl from Primary School Year 1.

I love Kei and I hope that he’ll be given opportunities to stand out more. Honestly, I can’t remember a close-up shot of him in the Your Seed PV…let’s just hope this changes in the future. I leave you with this incredibly adorable picture of Kei.


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