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September 7, 2008

Scrap Teacher Photos

After surfing around and finding some pictures of Scrap Teacher, I realized that it’s only roughly a month until this drama airs! We haven’t gotten an actual date of its airing, which seems kind of strange considering there isn’t that much time until it airs. Anyway, with Yama-Yama, Chinen, Nakajima and Daiki teaming up again, I know that I am going to love this drama to pieces. So here are some photos to fuel your (and my) anticipation.

Let’s start with the picture at the left…well…not my favorite photo of them. I’m not crazy about Chinen’s hair, it looks really strange to him with his hair parted like that. Then his face looks a bit off to me like there’s a forced intensity to it that doesn’t really communicate with me. Yama-Yama looks a little better because I LOVE the hair. It’s nice seeing him with a different color and I like the style he’s using. Admittedly though, his face looks strange, particularly his mouth. Otherwise though, he’s still looking good and I’m sure he’ll look good in the drama. Nakajima looks good although his hair looks wet in the front. Having some of his hair cover his face was a nice idea but I don’t think it was executed very well. Daiki on the hand looks great. I love the new brown-red tint in his hair and he still has that cuteness about him that makes him so loveable.

Of course, the picture to the right is much better. Yama-Yama looks wonderful here! He has a really great smile and his hair still looks hot here. It’s definitely a look that suits him so I hope he keeps it up in the future. Nakajima looks great here too, with a kind of funny happiness. His hair still looks good so I’m glad he didn’t change it although his smile is a little weird, it’s kinda funny. Although Chinen looked a bit strange in the first picture, he looks WOW here. He has the cutest smile and his hair looks much better in this picture than the first. Having the hair a little bit in his face really works in his favor because he looked strange with just the part in the middle. Daiki looks cute as usual with his smile and those big eyes. His hair still looks good even though there isn’t that brown in his hair, which actually looks really good on him. This set of pictures is much better and it’s no surprise because they look really good when they smile. These boys really made me love Sensei wa Erai! so already I see myself loving Scrap Teacher. I’m assuming that the people running down the left side are involved in this and will be a part of the drama so hurray for them. The guy third from the top looks cute so I’ll keep an eye out for him. These pictures, particularly this one is really building my anticipation for this drama so they better hurry up and announce the airing date and then I hope someone subs it in English for me to watch! Maybe it’ll come out the week of my birthday, wouldn’t that be amazing?

And to always give credit where credit is due, a huge thanks to Jump in to my Heart at, which is where I found these pics!


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