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September 5, 2008

Hey! Say! JUMP Looking Hot

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Well after looking through the searches that people have made to find the blog, I’ve come to the conclusion that people like to search for the boys shirtless. Of course I can’t blame you! (hahaha) Thus, this post is for the people who wanna seem them without shirts cause let’s face it…it’s just hot.

Let’s look at the above picture, going from left to right and top to bottom. Ryutaro looks pretty unhappy to be doing this photoshoot. Somewhat understandably of course, he might feel uncomfortable being only 13 years old and posing shirtless in a magazine. Moving onto to Chinen, who actually looks really good here. Although he is pretty young, he has actually has a really nice chest and his pose makes him look really comfortable in front of the camera. Yama-Yama is to the right of Chinen and of course is the center of the five. He also looks great and I love the hands in the pockets, which makes his pose all the more awesome. He has a certain magic in his eyes that works in this picture and he definitely portrays the spirit of “pure body.” Maybe it’s just me but Nakajima looks really strange here. The one thing that throws me off the most is the hair…it just doesn’t look good. Then his face…he actually looks a little angry and it just doesn’t work with the overall theme of the photoshoot. The last of the five younger boys is Keito, who actually looks really good shirtless. His eyes really have strength in them that carry somewhat of a sexiness to them and the chain around his neck is a nice touch. Well these five boys did a nice job, some more than others *coughYamada, Chinen and Keitocough* but overall they are nice to look at so definitely give them a look.

Of course the older boys were able to portray the idea of sexiness more strongly. Let’s start with Yabu Kota, who I love to death. His pose is just the definition of sexy and he is carrying that sexiness in his eyes so strongly that it entices the viewer. He’s the oldest and it’s no wonder that he was able to pull off sexy so well because he’s hot with a shirt on…of course it’s awesome to see him shirtless too. Takaki Yuya also does a good job of bringing sexy…not as strongly as Yabu but I digress. I actually think his hair stands out because it’s such a different color than everyone else’s and while only looking at him, his lips are particularly noteworthy and having good lips is a very helpful element of sexy. For me, Daiki has more of a cute-sexiness in this picture. He looks a little puzzled but I really like his pose and of course I love his hair. Sorry to say but Hikaru has the worst picture of the entire bunch. His hair looks really strange and his face just looks like at an attempt to look intense but he failed in the process. Although I do like that his hands are holding onto his pockets…at least that was a good idea. Finally we come to Kei, who absolutely looks the best in this photoshoot. His hair, his face and his body just all perfectly portray the idea of the sexy “pure body.” Honestly, there should be more shirtless shots of Kei because he perfectly understands the idea of sexy. Thus, it’s no surprise who wins this sexy context…Inoo Kei!!! The runners up are Chinen Yuri, Yabu Kota and Yamada Ryosuke. I should start a petition to Johnny’s to have “MORE Inoo Kei shirtless!” (hahaha).

Of course this is coming from the August 2008 edition of Popolo and after that picture is a close-up of each boy. Three of them stood out the most to me and guess who they were? Surprise, surprise! Kei, Yamada and Yabu!!! I guess they’re just really good at bringing out the sexiness for everyone to see because they nailed both pictures. Personally, I’m all for there being another photoshoot like this with the boys shirtless because let’s face it…it’s certainly enjoyable. Because I crown him the winner, let’s close this post with a picture of the winner…Inoo Kei!!!



  1. Keito and Yamada have the best bodies…in all of HSJ.

    Comment by kaori. — September 9, 2008 @ 8:46 pm | Reply

  2. For me the best looking are Keito, Ryo-chan, Chii, Yabu and Inoo.
    I think Keito and Ryosuke have the best bodies and that Chinen is the cutest.
    But Yabu (his eyes <3) and Kei have the best poses ❤ ❤ <3.

    As for the others…
    Takaki also looking good.
    Ryutaro is a cutie but looked very uncomfortable, as well as Yuto (not his best photo) Daiki and Hika-chan (who also has a good body).

    Comment by Minagi-chan — October 1, 2008 @ 11:57 pm | Reply

  3. Chinen is really cute!! But as long as his hair is looking good then I’m good )
    And yeah Yabu and Kei have the best poses and Yabu is just like ALWAYS hot!!
    Yama-Yama is always hot too! And Keito looks really buff in that pic ❤

    There should be more shirtless photoshoots for Hey! Say! JUMP!!! (and NEWS of course)

    Comment by amaiyume — October 2, 2008 @ 1:35 am | Reply

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