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September 4, 2008

The Last Straw For Johnny’s Entertainment

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Look at the above picture…Yama-Yama is NOT happy, and nether are any of the other boys of Johnny’s Entertainment. All right everyone, I know that fangirls and fanboys really wanna be with these boys but it’s getting out of hand. Their personal space is being invaded and that’s just not cool. So Johnny’s Entertainment has issued statements from Arashi, NEWS, KAT-TUN and of course, Hey! Say! JUMP. And now a HUGE thanks to Hey! Say! Heisei! for an English translation of the Hey! Say! JUMP boys.

Why ambush me in front of my house? When I want to go to school? Why this is not good? Because it’s terrible! If you are my fan think about that carefully. – Yamada Ryosuke

I speak with friends at school normally and play soccer outside normally. Except on TV and at concert venues I’m just a regular middle schooler. I strongly dislike fans who can’t keep the public and the private sides of me apart. – Chinen Yuri

Why do you film Yamachan’s home with hidden cameras? Why do you chase him? I’d properly mind my own business. – Nakajima Yuto

Slander being written in connection with your parents is really painful. Sure, my father is Okamoto Kenichi, but you should gradually start seeing me as the individual person Okamoto Keito. – Okamoto Keito (duh!)

I think the amount of worst fans is increasing now. Makes me shiver. Not realizing how bad your own conduct is is terribly sad, don’t you think? – Morimoto Ryutaro

Why do you say things like “Die!” and “Baka!”? If there’s Johnny’s you don’t like, is it okay to hurt their feelings? Fans like that are not needed. – Arioka Daiki

If you’re a fan, don’t you think there are things you shouldn’t be doing because you’re a fan? Because you’re a fan there are things you shouldn’t do. – Inoo Kei

I don’t understand fans that are really egocentric and unpleasant. Therefore seeing good kids among the fans brings me to tears. – Takaki Yuya

Peeping, following, you understand that these are all crimes, right? – Yabu Kota

“I hate Hikaru without Ya-Ya-yah”. Not Ya-Ya-yah, look at me. If you’re a fan, you’d do that, wouldn’t you? – Yaotome Hikaru

This is the last trump card of us Johnny’s. As much as I and the others would love to come into contact with all the fans, it’s already next to impossible. Really, it is. Having people loitering around your house really is an annoyingly bad feeling. If you follow us we won’t think of you as a fan but call the police. If you are our fans, support us in a more proper manner. Is that not possible? We want to become big in many places. We want to keep meeting everybody. And that’s why we would like you to stop. Also to make sure that more concerts will be possible.

We’re already getting tired.

We already want to quit Johnny’s.

We think this isn’t funny.

Do you really think what you do is right? Is it fun to arbitrarily post pictures to your blogs? To us it’s no fun at all. Treat us properly, okay?

– Johnny’s Representative Yamada Ryosuke

Well…there you have it. I like that they picked Yama-Yama to be the representative because he definitely worded his emotions very strongly. That bolded phrase near the end…I didn’t even know that this was reaching such a critical level so reading “we already want to quit Johnny’s” really makes me worried. I know there are so many of you who love these boys so if you are one of the people invading their personal space (through putting cameras in their home or posting parparazzi photos on the internet), please stop before it goes even further…and trust me, you don’t wanna see it go any further than this.

I also wanted to say that I love Nakajima’s answer. He talked about Yama-Yama, which really shows me the bond that they have. Kei’s answer sounded really smart to me so props to him. Also, I wanted to share the answer of Massu (from NEWS).

I’m really sad that I can’t show my best smile for all of you that I love so much.
Please, stop stalking!

That’s ADORABLE!!!

All right everyone, so in the end, if you’re doing something to add to the madness that these boys are feeling then I’m begging you to stop. It’s just not fair for them. I know that you all love them but as Kei said, as a fan there are things that we should not do. Please respect them because they deserve it! And if you continue to treat them kindly and with respect, you’ll not only make me happy but Yamada as well. Let’s see, shall we?

Next Stage: All right, by looking around it seems that people are questioning whether or not this information is real. Is it…that is yet to be seen and perhaps it never will…However, that does not change the fact that thier privacy still must be respected. So the problem is still there but if it’s reached the climax point like this is questionable. Let’s wait for more information but remember that the problem isn’t any less real and I think if this is fake, it’s actually somewhat helpful because it did definitely bring the problem to the audience even if it hasn’t gotten to this level yet.


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