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September 2, 2008

Member Spotlight: Yabu Kota

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Yabu Kota is my 2nd favorite member of Hey! Say! JUMP (right behind Yama-Yama) and is kind of like a big brother to the rest of the members. He’s loveable, funny and he’s the hottest of the guys (although Yamada is the hottest younger ones).

Yabu Kota was born on January 31, 1990 (which makes him the oldest member of Hey! Say! JUMP). He was named Kota because his parents wanted him to have a big heart (that’s a really sweet way to choose a name). His sister was responsible for getting into Johnny’s Entertainment as she was the one who sent in application (she herself was an Arashi fan) without telling him. He was accepted but the dance lessons were too intense for him and he wanted to quit. His mother promised him to buy him a soccer badge if he continued and he agreed (hahaha, that’s hilarious, he must really love soccer). Soon he made a name for himself for being a great dancer as well as having the highest voice in the agency for a period of time (a skill that got his voice named “Angel’s Voice”). He was chosen to be leader of Junior group Ya-ya-yah and served as leader of the Johnny’s Juniors. He even performed backing vocals for the first single NEWS Nippon by NEWS (JE group that I LOVE). In 2007, he became a member of Hey! Say! JUMP. As of now, they have released three singles: Ultra Music Power, Dreams come true and Your Seed / 冒険ライダー. He has gotten a sizeable role in these songs, even having some solo lines and vocalizing opportunities. Each single has gone to number one on the Oricon Charts so he should be very proud.

As for dramas, he has appeared in Taiyou no Kisetsu as Tatsuya Tsugawa as well as 3 Nen B Gumi Kinpachi Sensei 7 alongside friend Yaotome Hikaru. Hopefully he’ll be acting in more dramas in the future because it would be great to see even more from him.

Yabu’s mentor is Domoto Koichi of Kinki Kids and he looks up to him the most as a senior. His favorite colors are red and purple (we both share purple as a favorite color!) while his least favorite color is blue. He enjoys collecting CDs and playing soccer (sportive, which is always a good thing). His favorite food is curry and his least favorite food is anything sour. Newborn kittens are his favorite animal (aww, how adorable is that). He loves English while math is his least favorite subject. He also enjoys reading and listening to music. His favorite phrase is “once in a lifetime” and his wise saying is “there is today because there was a yesterday, there is today so there is tomorrow.” Finally, his weak point is that he is shy (aww, just like me).

Yabu Kota is definitely a sweetheart who’s a big brother to the younger members of the group and it’s obvious he cares for them a lot. He’s really hot so listen to his voice and melt and look at him and drool.


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